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"Pride" TV Anthem
What makes this beloved Sunbelt burger chain unique is their amazing people. So we decided to document the tremendous pride Whataburger's employees take in their jobs, while glorifying their delicious food. No food styling, no written dialogue, no clichés. The result? The "Pride" campaign's first year was the most profitable in Whataburger's 62-year history. And overall sales increased 6.5%--tops in the fast food industry.

"Pride" Campaign Documentary Short
Because the new campaign was a big departure for them, the client asked us to produce a video to introduce it to the entire company at their convention. This piece was directed by Jeff Bednarz, who's directed all of the subsequent spots for the campaign.

"Pride" Spot
This was one of the first spots of the campaign.

Tray Liners
Founded in 1950, Whataburger has a rich heritage. I thought tray liners would be a great opportunity to tell some of the more unique stories about the brand that can't be accomplished in a 30-second spot. While our customers are eating our delicious food, we've got their attention.

Deep and Wide
At McGarrah Jesse, we did just about everything for Whataburger: packaging, broadcast, digital, retail, interior design--and social. Whataburger's fans are amazing: this tweet snagged over 1,200 RTs in less than an hour.

"Quality" TV Spot

"All-Time Favorites: Patty Melt"

Whataburger recently redesigned their bags for the first time in 8 years. Hopefully, these will last at least that long.

"Green Chile Double"
I'm proud to have written the final spot of the William Bassett campaign. It was a success: Whataburger ran out of green chiles in the first two weeks. Oh, and I also named the burger.

"Riddle" (Green Chile Double radio)
Pictured: the voice of Whataburger for nine years, the great William Bassett.

This was my first Whataburger spot. To this day, fans still ask for the 5-3-1. Shot it Seguin, Texas with Jeff Bednarz.

"Memorable Numbers" (5-3-1 radio)
This spot inspired a parody by a highly rated radio show in Dallas. Never knew there were so many Tommy Tutone fans up there.

Whataburger Guy Sound Board
Because we knew there was a lot of love for the character the agency created and William Bassett performed, when we launched the "Pride" campaign, we gave fans a digital repository of Bassett's greatest hits that they could share with friends. And the blogosphere appreciated it.