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The Washington Post: Super Bowl
I led the pitch that won this account, and shortly after, we were given a daunting assignment: create the Washington Post's first Super Bowl less than a week. Working closely with the Post, we got Tom Hanks to voice the spot, and in the end, made a bold statement about the importance of a free press. We earned praise across the political spectrum, from John Kasich to Tim Cook. We even earned a nice shout-out from our rivals. (Editorial: Mark Woollen and Associates.)

One of only seven brands that earned a "Touchdown" rating by Ad Age.
#13 on USA TODAY's "Ad Meter", beating out some of the splashier competition such as Bud Light, Stella, and Peter Berg's Verizon campaign.

Democracy Dies in Darkness: Digital Campaign
The Post added “Democracy dies in darkness” to its masthead in 2017. Using nothing but type, animation and provactive headlines, we brought this iconic phrase to life in a digital subscription campaign.