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I'm currently SVP, Creative at Digitas New York. I previously served as Global Head of Creative at The Economist and ECD at LG North America, and prior to those two brand-side roles, was Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy New York. A copywriter by trade, my career has taken me from L.A. to Austin to Brooklyn. Along the way, I've been lucky to partner with many talented creatives and brave clients and done the work and led that work that has earned dozens of industry awards and gotten noticed in places like The New York Times, Wired, and the BBC. I believe no matter how many things change in our business, creativity is the one constant–the thing that forges emotional connections between people and brands and inspires them to act.

Thought Leadership & Press
I maintain an active presence on Twitter and LinkedIn where I share my views on creativity and the advertising industry. 

My Twitter feed receives an average of 600,000 views each month. This thread went viral, has attracted over 1M views to date, and sparked a lot of conversation about the state of advertising, including this article.

My Twitter feed also has a few fans at Ad Age.

On LinkedIn, these three presentations about creativity have been widely shared and downloaded around the world, amassing 1M views.

Here’s my appearance on the Sweathead Strategy podcast to discuss the British Airways’ campaign, “A British Original.”

I also published regularly in industry press. 

Muse by The Clio Awards
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“During a Crisis, Brands Should Let Their Actions Do the Talking.”

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“Ogilvy’s John Long on What It Takes to Create Award-Winning Campaigns”

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Why Your iPhone is Killing Your Creativity

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